(The Two Vines)


The doctrine of Twins is not well received among the Christian world, because it does not speak well of the masses of humanity that live in the world today. After all, Paul said in his Epistle to the Galatians, "Many more are the children of the desolate than she which has a husband." (Meaning? The bastard born, out number the genuine born). And so has been the case throughout church history. The religious, yet unsaved, have always controlled the church. One need only to look at every revival that has sprang forth in church history to know this is true. Then why would we think anything different would spring forth from the revival we have seen in this last hour?


WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH JESUS  64-0126   96    And, today, Pentecost has organized and set right down like they did; it's exactly the same thing. And the Word's moving on, and It's moving right away from them. That's exactly right, 'cause we get so stiff and so starchy. We let our churches get in any kind of condition, go right on. Long as we got members, that's all is necessary, 'cause we got more than we ever had." We blow about that. Let me tell you something that's an old proverb, that, "The devil counts his crowd, but God weighs His." That's true too yet today. God weighs you by His Word, see if you're found wanting or not. I don't care about crowds, how many's, how unpopular It is. It's God's Word being made manifest for this hour. Exactly right. I don't care about crowds, and who comes and who doesn't. It's God's Word's at stake, like it was there in Pilate's judgment hall. Weigh It, and see what we have found, where we're found wanting. Yes, sir. We believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


The doctrine of twins actually comes forth from the true and complete understanding of Election and Predestination. You can not fully understand, or appreciate the doctrine of predestination and election, until you understand there are two parts to the equation. There is a true vine, and a false vine. There is an Election to glory, and an election to condemnation. Therefore, we will address both sides of Election as we present this study.


The doctrine dealing with Two-Vines, is set forth first of all by Jesus Christ Himself. The Apostle's Paul, Peter, John and Jude also speak of this doctrinal understanding of Election. Last but not least, God's End-Time Prophet William Branham restored this doctrinal truth in this hour. 


We know that God wrote His first Book in the heavens.  Therefore, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac is TWINS. It represents 2 children. We know this constellation as Gemini. Pollux is the brightest of the Two stars, Castor is the second brightest.  We also know that ancient mythology was a perversion of the True Doctrine which God established to reveal Himself. Thus, in Mythology these Twins known as Hercules (the earth born son of god) and Mercury (the light bearer or messenger of light). 



The following attributes and characteristics are found in the doctrine of the Two-Vines and each will be linked to a more exhaustive study: Since this Doctrine deals with so many aspects of Godhead and the plan of Redemption, I thought it best not to lump the entire study together into one gigantic work, but rather, present the doctrine of TWINS in 4 parts beginning with DEFINITIONS, then moving onto SOURCE, and from there we will study how this life is propagated through SEED, and then identify the characteristics of the life or nature in each SEED.  Our Last Study will be the OUTCOME or DESTINATION of each seed.


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   *   Seed

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