[Shalom] pp. 223,  "All the New Testament speaks of this hour." Wm. Branham  


















     Pastor Brian Kocourek

These doctrinal studies have been compiled by Brian Kocourek to help the Bride of Jesus Christ to better understand what William Branham actually taught.


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This is a study of the Godhood and the relationship between 
God the Father and  His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
        Presence Book #1
This Book is a compilation of quotes and scriptures dealing with 
the subject of the Appearing of Jesus Christ and the time of the 
        Presence Book #2
This book deals with the Parousia Presence of Jesus Christ and 
the eschatological study concerning the end time events preceding 
the second coming.
        Alpha and Omega
This study compares the Alpha Ministry of Jesus Christ with His Omega 
Ministry and shows without a shadow of doubt that the Alpha must repeat 
itself in the Omega
This doctrine deals with the subject of Twins as declared throughout scripture 
and by God's servant William Branham. This doctrine shows that there are two 
types of believers that are produced by every revival, every church or every 
move of God. There are spirit filled believers and carnal believers that are 
given a birth in each revival.
This doctrine deals with God's presence in vindication. God vindicates one man 
with a message and then from that light the word of God spreads forth into all 
the world from men who have been faithfully taught. study deals with the principle of vindication and the absolute essentiality of God's Presence in backing up His Prophets.
       The study of Melchisedec is essential if one desires to fully  understand the   
       Godhead. This study shows that Melchisedec was none other than God Himself
in a human form that came to Abraham. And Melchisedec was not the Son of God,
for He was the father of the Son. And when you understand the role of Melchisedec
you will see how Jesus the Son of God was instructed by His Father in the roles that He was to play as Priest during the last 2,000 years and as King in the Millennium to come.