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Cameroon Mission Report  

It is a pleasure to share with you the great blessings the Lord has poured in our missionary trip in Douala, Cameroon. A total 73 preachers and pastors met in the Jet Hotel conference hall to attend the teaching of the Doctrine of the Message of William Branham. 

Speakers and guests from foreign countries. 

Pastor Brian Joseph Kocourek from the USA, main speaker. He has grown at the feet of Lee Vayle. He is the designer and webmaster of thanks to which more than 161 countries have been blessed by the teaching of the pure Word as uttered by the prophet. 

Pastor Erling Eriksen from Sweden, he worked for about thirty years as a missionary in South America, he has been traveling with Pastor Brian in his missionary trips, notably in Africa. 


Pastor Raphael Mbila from Kinshasa (D. R. Congo), missionary, he has visited Cameroon several times, he hosted previous meetings in June 2004 in Tabernacle de la Pierre de Faîte in Kinshasa, his relationships and experiences were profitable to guarantee a success. 


Brother Billy Diabasenga (D. R. Congo), Missionary and French Translator and Interpreter for Message Doctrine. 



Pastor Stephen Chukueke from Nigeria, very active in prison ministries. Besides his pastoral call, he preaches the Message in 8 prisons in Nigeria. 




Welcome and stay 

We were surprised of the very cordial welcome we benefited since our arrival at the airport and during all our stay.  

Progress of the meetings. (June 13 through, 2005) 

June13, 2005:

Opening ceremony at Zion Tabernacle in Douala: 

An introductory message was read by Pastor Nkemy Felix, the host of these meetings. He focused on the importance for the ministers to be taught faithfully. He read several quotes from the prophet recommending the preachers and the laymen to consult Lee Vayle on doctrinal issues.  Then, Pastor Raphael Mbila gave a testimony on the continuous impact the previous meetings (June 2004) are still having on the Bride in Congo.  Pastor Eriksen finally preached on the Difference between the Appearing and the Coming. 

June14, 2005 in Zion Tabernacle, Logbagba, Douala:  

Pasteur Eriksen preached on ‘‘The Parousia and The Intercession For Ignorance.’’ He made it clear that the lamb is still on the Throne making intercession for ignorance until the last sheep will come in, but the Presence (Parousie) of the Lord is here in the form the Holy Spirit to prepare the Bride for the rapture. 

June15, 2005 in Conference Hall of Jet Hotel:  

Pastor Eriksen continued to speak on the Parousia. His message was rich in testimonies on his experiences with the ministers meetings held by Lee Vayle and Pastor Brian Kocourek. 

June 16, 2005 in Jet Hotel 

Pastor Brian Kocourek taught on the Godhead, the most important revelation. A large number of ministers in the hall had already read the book on the Godhead through the Internet, but now, the impact of the explanations was visible in an audience watching or listening to the presentation with a lot of interest. 

June 17 2005 at Jet Hotel. 

Pastor Brian Kocourek taught on the Presence of Jesus - Christ, demonstrating the chronology of the appearing from 1909. He also stated that Lee Vayle never graduated from a theology College and that the doctor's degree was given him by the Prophet Branham because of his depths in the teaching of the Scriptures. 

June 18, 2005 in Jet hotel 

In the morning, Pastor Brian spoke on the Difference between God and his Son. He also explained how to use the Word of the Hour Search Engine. And in the afternoon, he answered questions on the Doctrine.  

There were  73 Pastors and ministers who met in the Jet Hotel conference hall to attend the teaching of the Doctrine of the Message of William Branham.

Conclusion and Perspectives. 

All glory be to God for what He has done in Douala. We are thankful for all the brothers from Cameroon for their contribution to the success of these meetings. Our acknowledgments to those who have supported us in prayer. We trust the Lord will grant us similar moments in other countries where the need in teachings is constantly growing.  

Your Brother in Christ, 

Billy Diabasenga 

MessageDoctrine / French

Brother Kocourek preaching Sunday morning at Från Logbaba Tabernacle, Doula Cameroon. 


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