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Question: why do you go around the world holding ministers meetings to teach the doctrine of the Message?


Answer: Because that is what Brother Branham said we should do. He said the deeper things of the Message should be taught that way. I have studied under Brother Vayle as my mentor for the past 28 years and in the year 2000 I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to do just as Brother Branham said it should be done. See the quote below. Everywhere we have gone brothers have been strengthened in their understanding of the doctrine that William Branham taught, and in their understanding of what God is doing in this hour. I have literally taught the Revelation of Jesus Christ to over 500 ministers personally thus far and we have seen churches spring up everywhere around the globe as a result of the fire that sweeps through these men's souls and because their cup begins to overflow they can't help but to  teach others what they have been taught. I would encourage any minister young or old who has a desire to spread the Gospel to join with us in this missionary endeavor.


Taking sides with Jesus COD 62-0601 P:49 And then in there, get training in your own groups other ministers, men that you see that has a calling in their life for the ministry. Train them young men; bring them in here to the elder. All of you set together in a ministerial meeting and there teach the deeper things of God. Don't go on the bad end. Keep someone who, can have confidence in to be kind of like a leader for you. And then sometimes if you don't see it just exactly the way he does, that's all right, you're in the faith anyhow; just move along. Maybe when we come together then, all of us together, we'll pray, the discernment of God come down, and He'll give it just exactly what it is (You see?) and let us know just how to do it. And in there, churches can go hear. And training up a group of men. And if I'm in evangelistic work somewhere, there's places I can place them worldwide. P:50 What if I was in India, go back to India. And there I'd say to these people... Maybe they'd have thousands of them, stay there for a week or two, and they'd see the ministry, they'd love it, they'd believe it's the Truth, they'd come out of heathenism. There I've got... And maybe in two or three weeks, when I was over there two nights, and maybe a hundred thousand converted to Christ, no where to go. The next day take a plane and start back to Rome, then to the United States, leave them just like sheep put out among wolves. What if I had a group of men, young men trained in the Message (See?) to say, "Now, wait a minute, before I leave here, we're going to set in order these churches. I'll have a man who I've already telegrammed him, and they got the money; they're on their road here right now to take over this, a good man. There's two or three young men with him who'll be his helpers and assistants. "And a church of this faith can be set there which will be a outpost in India, outpost in Germany, outpost in Switzerland. While right now, we should've had them all around the nations where I've been. And the Message... Then from there comes another, from another comes another. See what I mean?


The Message Doctrine has now gone into 188 countries over all 6 continents, many of which are Muslim countries. 

Jesus said in Matthew 28: 19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, ... 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen.


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This picture shows a close-up of several of the 170 laptops which Grace Fellowship has distributed around the world. 

                       Our Purpose

The Lord has placed it upon our heart to make available to as many churches as possible an entire library of the message both audio and the written text, as well as the films. Several brethren have sacrificed long hours and others have donated equipment and software to develop a search engine that will allow us to make available the message free of cost to the poor churches around the world. The Scriptures commands us how we should do this. It says, "Buy the Truth and sell it not".  Brother Branham set the example of how we should live for he said, "Eternal life is living for others."

It is this command that we are attempting to accomplish. The Lord has supplied us with 82 Compaq laptop computers and several new ones which we are distributing around the world. In addition we have supplied three new laptops for translators around the world. We have already sent 25 to Russia, China, India and the Philippines through Cloverdale Bible Way. We have distributed the remaining 60+ to South America, Asia, Africa and the Eastern European Bride. If you would like to help in any way please pray for us. This is a huge undertaking. But "with God, all things are possible."


Getting the laptops all in order and loaded up with the full library of the message both in (written and voice) along with the doctrinal studies and other helpful pastoral helps is quite an undertaking.


Click on any of the 188 countries  below to see a map of that country

No. America So. America Africa Asia Australia Europe
Anguilla Argentina Algeria Christmas Island Australia Albania
Aruba Bolivia Angola Cyprus America Samoa Armenia
Bahamas Brazil Benin Cocos (Keeling Islands) Cook Islands Austria
Barbados Chile Botswana China Fiji Belarus
Belize Columbia Burkina Faso Faroe Islands French Polynesia Belgium
Bermuda Ecuador Burundi Hong Kong Micronesia Bosnia & Hersegovina
Canada French Guiana Cameroon India New Zealand Bulgaria
Cayman Islands Guyana Cape verde Indonesia         - M Niue Croatia
Costa Rica Paraguay Central African Republic Iran                 - M Papau New Guinea Czek Republic
Cuba Peru Chad Israel Samoa Denmark
Dominica  Uruguay Comoros Japan Solomon Islands England
Dominican Republic Venezuela Cote D'Ivoire Jordan             - M Tonga Estonia
EL Salvador   Congo DRC Kinshasa Kazakhstan      - M Tuvalu Finland
Grenada   Djibouti Kuwait Vanuatu France
Guadelupe   Egypt            - M Lebanon          - M   Greece
Guatemala   Equitorial Guinea Malaysia          - M    Germany
Haiti   Eritrea Malta   Hungary
Honduras   Gabon Moldova   Iceland
Isla de Margarita   Gambia Nepal   Ireland
Jamaica   Ghana          - M Oman              - M    Italy
Martinique   Ginea-Bissau Pakistan          - M   Latvia
Mexico   Guinea Philippines   Lithuania
Montserrat   Kenya Saudi Arabia    - M   Luxembourg
Netherland Atilles   Lesotho Singapore   Monaco
Nicaragua   Liberia South Korea   Netherlands
Panama   Madagascar  - M South Vietnam   Norway
United States   Malawi Taiwan   Poland
Puerto Rico   Mali Thailand   Portugal
St. Kitts & Nevis   Mauritania     - M Turkey   Romania
St. Lucia   Mauritius      - M United Arab Emirates - M   Russian Federation
St. Vincent & the Grenadines   Morocco        -  M Yemen   Scotland
Trinidad & Tobago   Mozambique   - M     Siberia
Virgin Islands   Namibia     Slovak Republic
  Niger        Slovenia
  Nigeria          - M     Spain
  Republic of Congo     Sweden
  Rwanda     Switzerland
  Sao Tome & Principe     Ukraine
  Seychelles     United Kingdom
  Sierra Leone     Switzerland
  Somalia     Ukraine
  South Africa     United Kingdom
  Sudan     Switzerland
  Sudan - M     Ukraine
  Swaziland     United Kingdom
  Tanzania  - M     Switzerland
  Togo     Ukraine
  Uganda     United Kingdom
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