rainbow coming down.jpgCOURTSHIP & MARRIAGE 






Pastor Brian Kocourek


 Sermons by Brian Kocourek concerning How to Overcome.





(How Christian relationships ought to be)


1. The Big Who and What Question in Dating.  

2. The Where  and When Question in Dating. 

3. Courting - How do I know the Will of God.  

4. Fellowship Through Relationship       MP3

5. The Cancer of  Isolation                     MP3

6. Neurosis In Marriage                         MP3

7. The Church as a Type of  Marriage  MP3

8. Unity In Marriage                              MP3

 9. You Must Apply it.                            MP3

10.Youth to Adult                                   MP3  

11. Youth to Adult no 2                          MP3

12. Teenagers                                        MP3



The Marriage Covenant 

(The Ten Commandments in Marriage)


1.   Marriage covenant #1&2    "No Other"          MP3

2.   Marriage covenant #3    "Not  in  Vain"           MP3

3.   Marriage covenant #4   "Time  off  Together"  MP3

4.   Marriage covenant #5    "Honor  Thy"             MP3

5.   Marriage covenant #6     "To Kill"                   MP3

6.   Marriage covenant #7     "Adultery"                 MP3

7.   Marriage covenant #8     "Steal"                      MP3

8.   Marriage covenant #9     "False Witness"

9.   Marriage covenant #10    "Coveting"               MP3